Technical Reports

Single Passenger Rail Car Impact Test Volume III: Test Procedures, Instrumentation and Data

  • 24
  • May
  • 2000
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration; Barrie Brickle
SUBJECT: Facilities & Test Equipment, Rail and Infrastructure Integrity
KEYWORDS: Impact test, Passenger car, Speed
ABSTRACT: A full-scale impact test was performed November 16, 1999 at the Federal Railroad Administration's Transportation Technology Center, Pueblo, Colorado. The test was performed on a Budd Company Pioneer-type commuter passenger car. The purpose of the test was to measure strains, accelerations and displacements during the impact and validate the computational and kinematic models of the vehicle impacting a rigid barrier. Other test objectives were to determine the crash force pulse shape throughout the vehicle and to provide a greater understanding of occupant kinematics in crash situations. Simula Technologies, Inc., provided the occupant kinematics experiments which included a number of instrumented anthropomorphic test devices in different seat configurations. This report describes the test car and the methodology used to carry out the impact test, together with a description of all the instrumentation used to measure the structural deformation of the car during the impact.