Technical Reports

Thermomechanical Testing and Microstructural Development of Class L Steel Wheel Alloy

  • 01
  • Mar
  • 1994
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration; R.M. Pelloux; D.C. Grundy
SUBJECT: Rail and Infrastructure Integrity
KEYWORDS: Metallurgy,Wheels, Steel
ABSTRACT: Macrostructure, microstructure, and quantitative metallographic analysis is conducted on Association of American Railroads Class L wheel steel specimens tested in a Gleeble 1500 under combined mechanical compression and resistance heating to temperatures above and below the austenite transformation temperature. The mechanical loading shears the as-received ferrite-pearlite microstructure. A partially or fully recrystallized microstructure is observed in the sheared regions. The recrystallized microstructure contains fine globular carbides typical of a spheroidized steel and is produced at temperatures below the austenite transformation temperature. Trends are found toward increasing recrystallized fraction with increasing temperature and decreasing fraction with increasing compression above 4.5% strain.