Technical Reports

Training Requirements for Railroad Dispatchers: Objectives, Syllabi and Test Designs

  • 01
  • Nov
  • 1998
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration; S. Reinach; J. Gertler
SUBJECT: Human Factors
KEYWORDS: Train dispatchers, Safety, Training, Instruction, Performance
ABSTRACT: This report presents the results of a study to develop railroad dispatcher training objectives, syllabi for three types of training programs and test designs for the three programs. Information about current railroad dispatching methods and training programs, assembled through site visits and interviews with railroad training officials, provided the basis for developing the training objectives, syllabi and test designs using instructional design methodologies. The dispatcher's job functions along with basic prerequisites formed the basis for the training objectives; each training objective consists of an instructional objective and associated performance objectives. The objectives were designed to be broadly applicable to all types of railroads, regardless of size, type of service or dispatching technology. Syllabi for three types of training (initial dispatcher training, initial territory training and periodic refresher training) were based on the training objectives. Test designs for trainee evaluation upon completion of each of the three training programs were also prepared. The types of test items in each test design reflect the complexity of the learning outcome from each objective. The report concludes with some observations regarding factors that appear to contribute to successful dispatcher training programs and recommendations for additional research. Appendices contain resource materials for railroad training officials.
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