Administrative Hearings

Appeal of S. A. Ferguson (FRA—Locomotive Engineer Certification Case) Docket No. EQAL 2005-32 DOT Docket No. FRA 2006-24766

  • 10
  • Mar
  • 2008
SUBJECT: Enforcement
ABSTRACT: Stephen A. Ferguson (“Ferguson”) has filed an Appeal to the Administrator, dated 21 December 2007, including a cover-letter explanation of tardiness, dated 3 February 2008.The current package was postmarked 7 March 2008, and received in this office 10 March 2008.Ferguson claims that the appeal was previously submitted, and presents evidence from the United States Postal Service that an item was postmarked certified mail 24 December 2007, and delivered 27 December 2007. No record exists in FRA of receipt of this earlier filing.