Administrative Hearings

Appeal of Robert E. Carpenter (FRA—Locomotive Engineer Certification Case) Docket No. EQAL 97-48

  • 19
  • Feb
  • 2004
SUBJECT: Enforcement
ABSTRACT: Petitioner, Robert E. Carpenter (“Carpenter”), represented by Lawrence M. Mann, Alper & Mann, P.C., appealed to the Administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration (“FRA”), under the provisions of 49 CFR § 240.411, from a decision of an Administrative Hearing Officer (“AHO”) dismissing Carpenter’s petition for various forms of relief. The AHO found that, as a matter of law, he had no authority to certify the petitioner as a locomotive engineer, to order retraining and retesting, or to determine whether one of the carrier’s instructors was qualified to conduct certification training.
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