Research Results

Positive Train Control Shared Network

  • 08
  • May
  • 2015
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration
SUBJECT: Positive Train Control
KEYWORDS: Positive Train Control Shared Network; Positive Train Control (PTC); Interoperable Train Control (ITC); Shared Network; Hosted Network; Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
ABSTRACT: The Interoperable Train Control (ITC) Positive Train Control (PTC) Shared Network (IPSN) project investigated anticipated industry benefits and the level of support for the development of a hosted technological platform for PTC messaging across multiple railroads. A hosted network would reduce the number of interconnections between Class 1 railroads and the short line and commuter railroads; help minimize the required number of communication links to send and receive PTC messages to tenant railroads; and provide centralized personnel and IT infrastructure to support the railroads in performing PTC message interchange with their host railroads, which yields efficiencies in manpower and technical PTC implementation complexity.
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