Technical Reports

A Preliminary Description of Stresses in Railroad Rail

  • 01
  • Nov
  • 1976
AUTHOR: Thomas G. Johns and Kent B. Davies
SUBJECT: Rail and Infrastructure Integrity, Track
KEYWORDS: Plastic Flow; Flexural Stresses; Rail; Rail Stress; Stress; Flexural Stresses; Contact Stresses; Plastic Flow;
ABSTRACT: One portion of the Federal Railroad Administration's (FRA) Track Performance Improvement Program is the development of engineering and analytic techniques required for the design and maintenance of railroad track of increased integrity and safety. Under the program management of the Transportation Systems Center (TSC), one portion of this program predicts the reliability of rail in track. A necessary requirement for the development of these techniques is the ability of determining the stress and strain history of the rails in service. This is necessary to form a more comprehensive basis for a quantitative understanding of flaw initiation and growth. This report is one of a series of reports that provide a comprehensive description of stresses in rail required for predicting the reliability of rail in track structures. It provides a description of stresses encountered in railroad rails compiled from information available in the literature before 1976.