Technical Reports

Rail Commuter Vehicle Curving Performance

  • 01
  • Apr
  • 2002
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration
KEYWORDS: Rail Commuter Vehicle Curving Performance; passenger vehicle; derailment; curving performance; data acquisition
ABSTRACT: This report presents results of a program to design and install a wayside wheel-rail force measurement system. The test site is capable of developing a set of measurements of lateral and vertical forces exerted between the wheel and the rail at carefully chosen locations of all wheels on a single car at two different times using strain gauge sensors and a custom data acquisition system. The measurement site is located on a high curvature number 6- turnout in Grand Central Terminal, New York City. Precisely placed weldable strain gauges are applied to the rails to measure vertical and lateral wheel loads. The wheel-rail induced forces send a signal to the wayside instrumentation, which is then conditioned, acquired, and stored. To identify the vehicle, a pair of video cameras records the image of each car’s numberplate. The system can be controlled remotely and results can be retrieved via modem.