Technical Reports

Locomotive Crashworthiness Research: Locomotive Crew Egress Evaluation

  • 01
  • May
  • 2002
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration
KEYWORDS: Locomotive Crashworthiness Research; Locomotive Crew Egress Evaluation; egress; locomotive; survivability; safety; crashworthiness; window; door
ABSTRACT: The objectives of this study include the identification of aspects of locomotive design and operation related to crew egress or access by rescuers in accidents, with the goal of improving crew survivability. This work identifies the considerations and options available for improving and optimizing locomotive egress/access methods. A sizable information and data gathering effort is reported here to aid the understanding of many egress issues for contemporary locomotives, including those in the areas of locomotive design, crashworthiness, personnel training, the applicable regulations, and industry practices. Specific chapters address: Assessment of cab egress and identify areas for improvement; design approaches for improving the crashworthiness of the cab structure; design approaches to improving door and window emergency operation; improvements for visibility and access to egress routes; improvements for interior survivability; and conclusions and recommendations.
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