Technical Reports

Correlation of Statistical Representations of Track Geometry with Physical Appearance

  • 01
  • Jul
  • 1978
AUTHOR: J. Corbin
KEYWORDS: Track Geometry, Track Irregularities, Track Maintenance Practices
ABSTRACT: Railway track has previously been represented as a random process with certain parameters that relate to the quality of the track. This report helps to make these parameters more meaningful by correlating the random process and its parameters with more familiar descriptions of the track. The correlation is done by presenting photographs and verbal descriptions of five selected types of track and then comparing this information with the statistical representations of the track. The recently developed method of statistically representing track is applied to the five track zones. Alignment and profile track geometry are processed to give space curves and mid-chord offsets for chords of 62 feet and one-half, one and two times the rail length. This information is presented for the five zones along with power spectral density representations that characterize both the stationary random track process and the random joint amplitude process. For the three zones with bolted rails, histograms of joint amplitudes are also provided. This report is a helpful companion to more analytical reports on the same subject because it correlates these mathematical treatments with more traditional track descriptions.