Technical Reports

Embankment Support for Kansas Test Track- Analysis of Embankment Instrument Data

  • 01
  • Dec
  • 1976
AUTHOR: R.J. Dietrich and J.R. Salley
KEYWORDS: Railroad Track, Dynamic Response, Track Support, Nonconventional Structures
ABSTRACT: Static and dynamic data collected from the embankment instrumentation at the Kansas Test Track are summarized in this report. The static data included permanent horizontal and vertical deformation measurements, moisture contents, and temperatures taken at intervals between the end of embankment construction in Fall 1971 to the opening of the track for traffic in October 1974. Data were also collected through April 1975 after the track was opened to traffic. Dynamic instrument response was measured at three periods between October 1974 and April 1975. The dynamic data include horizontal and vertical deformations and embankment pressure under traffic loads. The static and dynamic response and performance of each test section are analyzed, and the results are summarized. The track was closed to traffic in June 1975 because of relatively large track displacements. During the summer of 1976, the embankment was inspected with test pits by others to study the causes of the large displacements. These investigations were observed, in part, by Shannon & Wilson, and observations are presented on performance of embankment and instrumentation.