Technical Reports

Foreign Rail Technology Application Study

  • 01
  • May
  • 1979
AUTHOR: G. Kaess, L. Fendrich
SUBJECT: Track, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Safety Standards, Buckling Safety, Track Maintenance
ABSTRACT: The problems treated in this report refer to: acceptance conditions for locomotives and cars, safety, construction, and maintenance standards for rails and switches, buckling safety of continuously welded rails and its influential factors, track maintenance and inspection methods of the German Federal Railway. Furthermore, a series of other particular questions is addressed. These questions were posed to the authors by members of the Safety Track Program during the course of their stay. Within the individual sections, an attempt was made to present, explain, and justify the standards, regulations, and methods used by the German Federal Railway. The authors endeavored to present their experience and knowledge, which is of interest for the Safety Standards Performance Program.
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