Technical Reports

LTV/SIG Metroliner Truck Test- Volume II

  • 18
  • Aug
  • 1975
AUTHOR: F.E. Dean, A.W. Johnston, N.H. Sandlin
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Additional Running Tests, Revenue Tracks, Ride Quality, Noise Level, Speed Profile
ABSTRACT: An additional running test program of the LTV/SIG Metroliner trucks was conducted with the objective of defining suspension system characteristics. The tests were conducted on revenue tracks of the Penn Central Railroad in the Northeast corridor between Washington, D.C. and Hudson, N.J. Testing began on February 28, 1975 and ended on May 7, 1975- A test train comprised of snack bar coach 850 and the fleet car, snack bar coach 855, was operated for a distance of 3657 miles. Test operations were conducted on 18 days, and a total of 65 runs were made. Three hundred and sixty-eight tests were conducted within the 65 runs. Tests were conducted with 21 different suspension system configurations. The final suspension system, tuned for optimum ride quality, demonstrated that Car 850 had a ride superior to Car 855. Test data also showed that Car 850 had a lower onboard noise level than Car 855. Data obtained during the test were sufficient to generate a load spectrum for the trucks and components when operated under the current Metroliner speed profile. In addition, load-to-speed relationships were obtained for the trucks and components.
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