Technical Reports

Measurement of Friction Snubber Forces in Freight Car Trucks

  • 01
  • Dec
  • 1978
AUTHOR: Klaus L. Cappel
SUBJECT: Track/Train Interactions, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Freight Car Trucks, Friction Snubbing, Truck Design Optimization Project
ABSTRACT: The report describes the design and construction of a set of transducers intended to measure the normal forces (column loads) and friction forces applied by the four friction shoes to the wear plates of a standard, three-piece freight car truck. Two 70-ton trucks, an ASF Ride Control and a Barber S-2, were modified to accept the transducers. The functioning of the system was verified by shop tests in which the bolsters were translated vertically and laterally by hydraulic actuators, while all forces and displacements were recorded. Field tests of the instrumented trucks will be described in a future report. Detailed knowledge of friction snubbing mechanics obtained from such tests is expected to aid the realistic modeling of truck behavior.
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