Technical Reports

Methods for Joining of Rails: Survey Report

  • 01
  • Jul
  • 1977
AUTHOR: Daniel Hauser
SUBJECT: Continuous Welded Rail
KEYWORDS: Continuous Welded Rail, Rail Joints, Adhesive Bonding, Rail Joint Properties, Joint Defects
ABSTRACT: The performance of track structures depends greatly on the integrity of the connections between rail sections. Because the majority of service and detected rail failures occur at joints, particularly conventional bolted joints, this survey was conducted to review existing practices, examine potential joining methods, and identify promising new methods and modifications of joining methods that can provide improved rail performance and lower fabrication cost. Methods for joining rails in the field as well as in plants by both metallurgical methods (welding and brazing processes) and non-metallurgical methods (mechanical fastening and adhesive bonding) are reviewed. Joining procedures, inspection methods, laboratory and in-track performance, failure modes, adaptability to shop and field fabrication, personnel skills required, and costs are discussed. Joining methods that warrant additional development are identified and developmental efforts are outlined.