Technical Reports

Northeast Corridor Improvement Project- Task 202: Concrete Tie Cost and Performance for Track Structures

  • 01
  • Oct
  • 1977
AUTHOR: De Leuw, Cather/Parsons
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Northeast Corridor Improvement Project, Wood Ties, Concrete Ties, Track Structures, Track Laying System
ABSTRACT: As a result of a survey of the Northeast Corridor, it was determined that 1,100 miles of track require upgrading to meet the trip-time goals set forth in the Railroad Revitalization and Regulatory Feform Act of 1976. As a part of the determination of the best way to meet these requirements, two types of ties and three methods of reconditioning track were evaluated. A comparative analysis was performed on the three methods of reconditioning track: component replacement of wood-tie track with traditional spike fasteners, complete rebuilding of track with preplated wood ties and elastic fasteners, and complete rebuilding of track with concrete ties and elastic fasteneres. Differences in the methods were analyzed with regard to productivity rates, cost, and performance.