Technical Reports

Study of New Track Structure Design Phase I

  • 01
  • Jul
  • 1966
AUTHOR: H.C. Meacham, J.E. Voorhees, J.G. Eggert, et al.
SUBJECT: Track, Tracks & Structures
KEYWORDS: Track Structure Designs, Improved Track Stability, Track Response Computer Programs, Soil Deterioration Factor
ABSTRACT: Conventional (tie-type) and non-conventional rail vehicle track structures were studied with the constraint that standard gage and rail head contour not be varied from current practices. Computer programs were developed and used to analyze track response to both static and dynamic vehicle loading. A major philosophy in the development of improved track structures was to reduce the magnitude and number of pressure cycles transmitted to the foundation by passing rail vehicles. This report contains detailed discussion of material summarized in: “Studies for Rail Vehicle Track Structures,” PB 149 139 and is a reference source cited in that document.