Technical Reports

Summary Report-Ballast and Foundation Materials Research Program

  • 01
  • Jun
  • 1978
AUTHOR: M.R. Thompson, W.W. Hay, S.D. Tayabji
SUBJECT: Track, Tracks & Structures
KEYWORDS: Ballast, Subgrade, Conventional Railway Track Support ystem, Finite Element Method, Ballast Cost
ABSTRACT: This report constitutes a summary of the results of the various phases of the Ballast and Foundation Materials Research Program. Data and information obtained from the technical literature and that developed in the project are summarized. Implications of the research data and findings are discussed and recommendations for further studies are presented. Topics considered in the program were a) resilient and permanent deformation behavior of ballast and subgrade materials, b) track support system temperature regime, c) lateral stability of ballast, d) structural behavior of the track support system (including the development of the Illi-TRACK structural model), and e) an economic study of ballast and ballasting practices.