Technical Reports

Test Results Report Metroliner Truck Improvement Program in Support of Test Request RR-254 : Volume 1

  • 01
  • Jun
  • 1978
SUBJECT: Safety Performance Measures, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Improved Metroliner Truck, Ride Quality Testing, Air Bag, Safety
ABSTRACT: This report is divided into three volumes. Vol. I summarizes the testing procedures, describes the data reduction techniques and gives the results and conclusions. Vol. II describes Metroliner characteristics, modifications to Metroliner trucks, instrumentation, ride quality software and includes samples of software and stripped out data. Vol. III contains power spectral densities for the 3 test phases. This report summarizes the results of the ride quality analysis associated with the Metroliner Truck Improvement Program. The overall objectives of this program were to provide ride improvement at a more modest cost by modifying existing trucks rather than replacing existing trucks with completely new trucks, to provide a design that would reduce truck maintenance, and to reduce noise. The Metroliner program was conducted by General Steel Industries under contract to FRA, Office of Passenger Systems. The ride quality testing covered in this report was performed by ENSCO, INC. under separate contract support1ng the Off1ce of Passenger Systems. The first two series of tests were conducted using Metroliners 850 and 855. Metroliner 855 had standard trucks while Metroliner 850 had improved trucks. In the first series (using a Sumiride air spring) the ride quality results indicate that Metroliner 850 rode better. A Firestone air bag was used in the second series. The third series of tests was conducted using two standard Metroliners. Metroliner 855 had recently been upgraded to specification while Metroliner 822 was in need of maintenance. The ride quality results indicated that the maintained Metroliner rode much better.