Technical Reports

Track Structure Design Using Mathematical Models

  • 01
  • Jun
  • 1978
SUBJECT: Tracks & Structures
KEYWORDS: Ballast, Fasteners, Mathematical Models, Rail Stress, Track Design, Track Structures
ABSTRACT: The objective of the report is to demonstrate the use of mathematical track structure models in the development of design charts. The f110dels have been developed in Task 1, Mathematical Modeling, of the Track Structures Research Program, Contract DOT-FR-30038. The charts should enable the optimal selection of track components and to evaluate the structural performance of existing track components in a given loading environment. The criterion for acceptable track design is that the strength of the track structure on a fatigue basis not be exceeded and the Miner's rule is used. The charts are based on arbitrarily chosen wheel-rail load magnitudes. For vertical wheel-rail loading, the loading configuration consists of eight wheel loads and corresponds to that of two adjacent trucks of two coupled 100 ton (90,720 kg) cars. For lateral wheel-rai 1 loading, a single lateral load applied to the base of one rail is used.