Technical Reports

The Needs and Desires of Travelers in the Northeast Corridor : A Survey of the Dynamics of Mode Choice Decisions

  • 01
  • Feb
  • 1970
AUTHOR: National Analysts, Inc.
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Northeast Corridor, Traveler Needs, Evaluation
ABSTRACT: This report analyzes the needs and desires of travelers in the Northeast Corridor in four ways: the process of mode selection, the influence of the nature of the trip, the value considerations of travel, and the evaluations and images of the modes. It determines that mode selections are best conceptualized as routines that form around different kinds of trips, which codify the traveler’s value consideration and mode evaluation. The influence of the nature of the trip studied multiple factors, including: business versus non-business trips, the distance of the trip, the duration of the trip, specific origins, destinations, and terminal locations, single travelers versus parties, combining business with pleasure, the number of destinations, bulky luggage, and the special purpose trip. The value consideration of travel is determined through rational value considerations and non-rational and attitudinal value considerations. Rational factors include speed and time, cost, convenience, physical comfort, security, safety, and reliability. Non-rational factors include the “aggravation” factor, waits and delays, status and prestige, sociability and privacy, cleanliness, food and drink, feeling welcome, freedom and flexibility, fun, modernity, and familiarity. Using advantages and disadvantages, the report evaluates the automobile, bus, airplane, train, and metroliner. This study determines nineteen implications regarding the needs and desires of travelers in the Northeast Corridor.