Technical Reports

Safety Life Cycle Program Assessment Task 3: FAST Data Analysis and Review

  • 01
  • Jul
  • 1978
AUTHOR: The Aerospace Corporation
REPORT NUMBER: ATR-78(3847-01)-3
SUBJECT: Safety Regulatory Analysis, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: FAST Program, Safety Assessment, Safe-life Technology
ABSTRACT: The purpose of the overall program is to perform an assessment for the applicability of current safe-life technology to railroad vehicle systems and components. The effort is divided into six primary tasks. Task 1 involves the assessment of railroad industry use of safe-life concepts. Task 2 is concerned with the development of a safe-life program applicable to rail vehicle systems and components. Task 3 assesses the applicability of the Facility for Accelerated Service Testing (FAST) to the safe-life program. Task 4 analyzes the applicability of a rail vehicle component validation/qualification program to improve railroad safety. Task 5 provides for project management and engineering direction of technical projects in support of overall program goals. Task 6 involves performing an analysis to develop structural integrity criteria for the safety life-cycle of rail vehicle components that are critical to safe operation. This report presents findings of Task 3, which included a review and analysis of the FAST program and its test specifications for their applicability to the safe-life program. This review includes an assessment of the FAST Phase I tests, test measurements, and data as inputs in determining the safe life of rail vehicle. Recommendations are made that include additional test programs for increasing the usefulness of FAST in determining the safety life cycle of rail vehicle systems which might be incorporated into Phase II of FAST test planning. Additional recommendations include improvements to FAST that can more realistically simulate railroad service environment.