Technical Reports

Technical Background On Linear Induction Motors in Transportation

  • 01
  • Jun
  • 1970
AUTHOR: The Garrett Corporation
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Linear Induction Motor, Linear Motor Test Program, High Speed Ground Transportation, British Rail System, Linear Motor Propulsion, U.S. Linear Motor Rail Test Vehicle Program
ABSTRACT: This report, which is comprised of seven technical papers on the subject, provides a comprehensive background on Linear Induction Motors in transportation. The first paper forms a convenient introduction to the Linear Induction Motor and includes several different configurations of the motor. The second paper gives some of the background of the U.S. linear motor test program and its status in early 1968. The third paper is a more general treatment of linear induction motors in high speed ground transportation applications. The fourth paper deals with many factors involved when considering the application of linear motor propulsion to an existing railway system. It concludes that for the British Rail System, linear motor propulsion is not recommended at the current time. The remaining three papers deal in more detail with the U.S. Linear Motor Rail Test Vehicle program.