Technical Reports

Dynalist II- A Computer Program for Stability and Dynamic Response Analysis of Rail Vehicle Systems : Volume II : User's Manual

  • 01
  • Oct
  • 1974
AUTHOR: Allen Bronowicki, T.K. Hasselman
REPORT NUMBER: 74-1208; FRA-75-22.II
SUBJECT: Technology Transfer
KEYWORDS: Rail Vehicle Dynamics, Rail Vehicle Stability, Ride Quality, Computer Modeling
ABSTRACT: A methodology and a computer program, DYNALIST II, have been developed for computing the response of rail vehicle systems to sinusoidal or stationary random rail irregularities. The computer program represents an extension of the earlier DYNALIST program. A modal synthesis procedure is used which permits the modeling of subsystems or components by partial modal representation using complex eigenvectors. Complex eigenvectors represent the amplitude and phase characteristics of rail vehicle systems which occur as a result of wheel-rail interaction, heavy damping in the suspension system and rotating machinery. Both vertical and lateral motion are handled by the program which allows up to twenty-five component and fifty system degrees of freedom.