Technical Reports

Train Generated Air Contaminants in the Train Crew's Working Environment

  • 01
  • Feb
  • 1977
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration
KEYWORDS: Air Contaminants; Tunnels; Crew Environment
ABSTRACT: This document contains data on the levels of air contaminants in the train crew's working environment. Measurements were made in locomotive cabs and cabooses of freight trains travelling through long tunnels and over mountainous terrain. In addition, measurements were performed in long-hood forward locomotives during through freight operations and in switchyard locomotives. The data from this study indicate that the breathing environment of railroad operating crews is acceptable within the guidelines of the published Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. Appendix A covers the sources of air contaminants in the railroad environment and Appendix B gives a detailed description of the measurements in this study. A review of related studies is given in Appendix c.