Technical Reports

Full-Scale Single Car Multilevel Car Test- Test No. 9 Procedures, Instrumentation, & Data

  • 01
  • Mar
  • 2008
AUTHOR: Ken Laine
SUBJECT: Crashworthiness - Passenger Equipment
KEYWORDS: Impact Test, Multilevel Passenger Cars, Crashworthiness of Rail Equipment
ABSTRACT: This report addresses the efforts to document the behavior of an existing design multilevel passenger car as it impacts a stationary wall at approximately 36 mph. Transportation Technology Center, Inc.'s (TTCI) role was to instrument the vehicle per FRA direction, conduct the testing, report on the conduct of the test, and supply the instrumentation data to the FRA for analyses. A full-scale impact test on October 2, 2007, utilizing an existing design multilevel passenger car was performed at the FRA's Transportation Technology Center in Pueblo, Colorado. The test was successful in meeting the requirements set forth in the approved Test Implementation Plan. The required data was collected along with high-speed video and post-test inspection results.