Technical Reports

Initial Assessment of the Technical Feasibility and Potential Cost Savings of a Lower-cost Positive Train Control Activated Crossing

  • 06
  • May
  • 2004
SUBJECT: Safety Performance Measures
KEYWORDS: Highway-Rail Intersection (HRI), North American Joint Positive Train Control (NAJPTC), Advanced Crossing Activation Capability
ABSTRACT: The overall objective of this project was to improve safety at the HRIs. The approach used to achieve the objective was to (1) increase the proliferation of constant warning time HRIs by reducing the cost of radio-based HRI technology and (2) increase the reliability of radio-based HRIs by reducing their complexity. Specifically, this project is to produce and demonstrate, through objective testing, a prototype of a lower-cost alternative to the current NAJPTC advanced activation functionality and processor-based crossing system functionality into a single physical unit. As a precursor to subsequent project tasks, Task1 required Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (TTCI) to report on an initial assessment of both the technical feasibility and the potentialcost savings of the lower-cost concept previously described. This initial, qualitative assessment is to be used to guide the Federal Railroad Administration's (FRA) decision on whether to proceed with the remaining tasks of the project. A more definitive assessment of the lower-cost concept is the overall objective of the project.
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