Technical Reports

Quasi-Static Test on a State-of-the-Art Collision Post and End Post Assembly

  • 01
  • Apr
  • 2009
AUTHOR: Mark White
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Quasi-Static Test, Collision Post, End Post
ABSTRACT: This test evaluated the quasi-static method for demonstrating energy absorption and graceful deformation as outlined in the notice of proposed rulemaking for front-end strength of cab cars and multiple unit locomotives. The quasi-static tests were successful and were executed as planned. Minor modifications were made to the design of the end frame assembly as a result of the test on the collision post. The modifications were in the area of the bulkhead plate and shelf, where they attach to the collision and end posts. Changes reduced some of the high stress areas noticed during the collision post-test. After review by FRA, indications are that the end frame assembly did meet the requirements of the proposed rulemaking for front end strength of the cab car.