Technical Reports

Rapid Transit Noise Abatement and Cost Requirements (MBTA Pilot Study)

  • 01
  • Jun
  • 1973
AUTHOR: Athanasois C. Malliaris, E.G. Apgar, L.G. Kurzweil, R. Lotz
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Acoustic Noise Climate, Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, Cost Effectiveness
ABSTRACT: A methodology is described, based on a study conducted on the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority Blue, Red and Orange Lines, to assess the acoustic noise climate of an urban rail transit system and the appropriate technology to cost - effectively reduce that climate to acceptable levels. The methodology leads to a first order assessment of abatement options and can be applied to any rapid transit property. The methodology uses scenarios to define specific, often occurring combinations of noise at a given receiver. An algorithm is given to determine the combination of abatement techniques which will achieve a desired set of noise levels along a rapid transit line at least cost. This report presents a pilot study of a noise level climate survey with an assessment of potential noise abatement measures. The noise climate is tabulated to permit selection of optimum cost effective techniques for abatement to the desired level. Application of the methodology to other U.S. rapid transit systems is planned.