Technical Reports

Roll Dynamics Unit Dynamometer Evaluation Test Using a GP4-02 Locomotive

  • 01
  • Mar
  • 1984
AUTHOR: F. Irani, R. Washburn, J. Peters, D. Ball
KEYWORDS: Roll Dynamics Unit, Drive Train, Tractive Power, Friction Braking, Power Flows, Adhesion, Slip/Slide
ABSTRACT: This report describes evaluative testing of the Roll Dynamics Unit (RDU) at the Transportation Test Center near Pueblo, Colorado. Previous uses of the RDU had been limited to short braking tests, truck stability tests and the transient absorption of power from a transit car. The Dynamometer tests were initiated to demonstrate the viability of the RDU as a dynamometer in testing diesel-electric locomotive tractive performance and brake system safety for extended periods. A GP40-2 locomotive owned by the Burlington Northern Railroad was used to conduct the test. Matters of greatest interest were tractive power, wheel slip/slide, power flow (both motoring and generating), and effect on site and utility electric 1 power, dynamic braking, and friction braking. Typical train operating conditions such as breakaway, acceleration, coasting, braking and pulling a grade were simulated. All important parameters were measured and recorded as data. The RDU proved itself safe and viable for the uses suggested, as the measured parameters all agreed well with theoretical values.