Technical Reports

Stub Sill Tank Car Research Project: Full-Scale Damage Tolerance Test

  • 01
  • Dec
  • 1998
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Damage Tolerance Analysis, Fatigue Crack Growth Test
ABSTRACT: In 1992, the National Transportation Safety Board recommended that tank car structures be designed using a damage-tolerant philosophy similar to that utilized by the aircraft industry. Toward that end, the Southwest Research Institute was engaged to assist in the development and implementation of a damge tolderance analysis methodology for railroad tank cars. To help validate the resulting methodology, the FRA, in association with other organizations, conducted a full-scale fatigue crack growth test on a tank car. This report is one of several that deatil North American tank car industry efforts since 1992 to assess the operating envrinoment and apply DTA principles to tank car design. These efforts include an over-the-road environmental survey, coupon spectrum variable testing, a full-scale fatigue crack growth test, a fractographic analysis of the full-scale test pieces, and DTA analytical model validation and application guidance.
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