Technical Reports

The UMTA Rail Transit EMI/EMC Program: An Overview and Summary

  • 01
  • Feb
  • 1987
AUTHOR: F. Sing, C. Edelson, F. Holmstrom
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Rail Transit Signaling, Conductive Interference, Inductive Interference, EMI/EMC
ABSTRACT: A history of the UMTA Rail Transit Electromagnetic Interference and Electromagnetic Compatibility program, together with a listing of significant achievements over the life of the program, is presented. This is the lead volume of a nin volume set dealing with the theory, problems and solutions of electromagnetic incompatibility between solid state power systems and rail transit signaling systems. Specifics of conductive, inductive, and radiated interference theory, data, tests and suggested test procedures are described in detail in the remaining volumes of this set.