Technical Reports

Effect of Missing or Broken Fasteners on Gage Restraint of Concrete Ties

  • 01
  • Jan
  • 2011
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Concrete Ties, Field Side Clips, Heavy Axle Load, Gage Side Clip, Gage Restrain, Wear
ABSTRACT: From 2009 to 2010, the Transportation Technology Center, Inc., measured the gage restraint of a mainline concrete tie track affected by missing or broken fasteners. Measurements were taken at the Facility of Accelerated Service Testing and in revenue service. The following was discovered: 1) missing or broken field side clips were found to have less effect on gage restraint than missing or broken gage side clips; 2) it takes 8 consecutive ties missing only clips or insulators to reduce gage restraint below the maximum limit; 3) concern for the performance of concrete ties under heavy axle load train operations.