Technical Reports

Statistical Representations of Track Geometry Volume II - Appendixes

  • 01
  • Mar
  • 1980
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration
KEYWORDS: Track Geometry; Track Irregularities; Track Inspectior Cars; Simulation Models; Railhead Profile; Statistical Analyses; Statistical Models
ABSTRACT: This volume contains some of the more detailed data and analyses to support the results and conclusions reached in Volume I of this report. It is divided into appendixes lettered A through J. Appendix A defines a procedure for evaluating the statistical parameters from field-collected track-geometry data. Appendixes B and C contain track-geometry data traces and descriptive text used to support various results and conclusions as they apply to rail joints and track anomalies, respectively. Appendix D contains the curve fits obtained for processed PSD data. Appendixes E and F describe the analyses used to determine instrument and quantization noise, respectively. Appendix G is a history of research preceding the effort described in this report. Appendix H describes formal mathematical procedures needed for complete characterization of a periodically modulated random process. Appendix I contains data on railhead wear. Appendix J reports on new technology. Volume I --Main Text has 208 pages.