Technical Reports

Vehicle/Track Interaction Test at Bennington, NH: Revision 1.0

  • 01
  • Apr
  • 1988
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration
KEYWORDS: Vehicle/track interaction; Vehicle Response; Track Perturbations; Track Safety; Lateral/Vertical Wheel/Truck Forces; Sinusoidal Alignment; Gage;
ABSTRACT: This report describes the results of the Vehicle/Track Interaction tests conducted at Bennington, NH on August 28-31, 1982. The purpose of these tests was to determine the effects of well defined perturbations of track alignment, gage, and crosslevel on rail car response as a function of speed. The track included a 12-degree curve with high rail alignment and crosslevel variations, a tangent section with sinusoidal alignment variations of different amplitudes and wavelengths, and finally, a 6-degree curve with a section of sinusoid alignment variations and a section with high rail alignment variations. The report includes a description of the behavior of wheel rail forces, developed by a partially loaded 100-ton open hopper car and a 4-axle locomotive. The data collected indicate that combinations of crosslevel and alignment variations on sharp curves may lead to wheel climb conditions. In addition, the tests show that, in the absence of crosslevel greater than 0.4" the rail forces resulting from these perturbations are essentially gage widening and do not significantly increase with speed in the 5 to 25 mph regime.