Technical Reports

Safety of highway-railroad grade crossings. Research needs workshop, Volume I

  • 01
  • Jan
  • 1996
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration
KEYWORDS: highway-railroad grade crossing safety; railroad safety research; U.S. DOT Action Plan
ABSTRACT: The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) recently developed the DOT Action Plan for Rail-Highway Grade Crossing Safety. The objective is to achieve at least a 50% reduction in accidents and fatalities at grade crossings over the next 10 years. The Volpe National Transportation Systems Center hosted and conducted the Highway-Railroad Grade Crossing Safety Research Needs Workshop; 75 delegates participated in the workshop and identified 92 crossing safety related research needs. This document contains results of analyses of the research needs. The results suggest that cost-effective research can be conducted without large expenditures of public funds. Results also indicate most research needs apply to high speed rail and the area of human response to grade crossing applications should receive increased emphasis in the future. Results address relationships among the identified research needs, the Action Plan and current research being conducted. The workshop delegates' consensus is that the workshop was a worthwhile first step in developing an intermodal approach to improving highway-railroad grade crossing safety and the process should continue.