Technical Reports

Review and Analysis of Railroad Passenger Car Waste Retention Systems, Volume I: Report and Appendices A and B

  • 01
  • Jan
  • 1991
AUTHOR: Arthur D. Little
KEYWORDS: Toilet, Waste-Retention Technologies, Test Programs, Cost Evaluations
ABSTRACT: The traditional practice of dumping railroad toilet and other waste directly onto the tracks is still used on most passenger cars operated by Amtrak. However, this practice is being questioned and legislation to require full waste retention systems is under consideration. This report has been prepared I response to a Congressional directive to identify, describe, and evaluate waste-retention systems able to eliminate the need for direct dumping on the track. This report provides the following information: a description of waste retention systems currently used by intercity and local passenger railroads in the United States and elsewhere, including service experience; a discussion of waste disposal and environmental issues; an evaluation of the performance of the different waste retention technologies and systems; review and estimate of capital, operating, and maintenance costs; recommendations regarding test programs for waste retention systems.