Technical Reports

Acquisition and Analysis of Wayside Acoustical Noise & Infrared Heat Signatures associated with Roller Bearing Defect Progression

  • 01
  • Jun
  • 1989
AUTHOR: Servo Corporation of America
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Infrared Heat Signature, Acoustical Noise, Noise Signatures
ABSTRACT: Under FRA Task Order #30A, Work Effort 2, Short Term Test, twenty-four Class F 100-ton roller bearings with a range of cone bore/axle interference fit tolerances and end clamp loads were operated until failure, or for a maximum of 5,000 miles under loaded cars on the RTT at TTC, Pueblo. In an extension of the program, bearing acoustical noise signatures and infrared heat signatures were acquired wayside by Servo's Advanced Development System. Analysis of the data was expected to uncover tacoustical noise and infrared heat patterns indicative of the rate and degree of bearing failure progression. However, except for 2 bearings that did not survive the 5,000 mile test and a third that did, all of the others operated normally under load for 5,000 miles without emitting significant heat of acoustical noise, or exhibiting any other indication of distress. The 2 exceptions that did not survive have sever cup and con raceway defects in addition to radial and lateral retention anomalies. They were removed in the first few days of the 4,000 mile test after generating excessive heat. Only 2 emitted some acoustical noise. However in a following supplemental 800 mile test, the other severely defective bearing emitted discernible acoustical noise and generated excessive heat. The third exception occasionally generated excessive heat during the 5,000 mile test, but otherwise operated normally. During the 800 mile test, no excessive heat was generated and operation was normal.