Technical Reports

Safety-Related Analysis and Simulation of High Speed, Guided, Ground Transportation Systems, Task 1- Volume 1: State of the Art

  • 08
  • Mar
  • 1995
AUTHOR: Battelle, CMRI, Clemson
ABSTRACT: High Speed Guided Ground Transportation (HSGGT) vehicle/guideway systems-both high speed rail (HSR) and magnetically levitated (Maglev)- are being considered for deployment in the United States. The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has the mission of ensuring the safety of such systems. To support this mission, it is essential that credible models and analytical procedures be available and readily accessible for predicting safety-related dynamic behavior. The purpose of this document is to define requirements for computational tools that will predict the safety-related dynamic performance of high speed rail or Maglev trains operating over flexible guideways having irregularities and changing alignments. Battelle is under contract with the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center to perform Technical Task Directive (TTD_) No. VA 3204, "Dynamic Analysis Support for HSGGT Systems". The present document is submitted in partial fulfillment of base task requirements, as defined under Task 1 of VA 3204. The scope of this work is to develop, apply, and maintain analytical models of HSFFT systems to support the FRA's safety mission.