Technical Reports

Business Case for Advanced Train Control System (ATCS): A Guide to the Analysis and Quantification of Costs and Benefits

  • 06
  • Apr
  • 1993
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: ATCS, Safety, Train Control
ABSTRACT: The purpose of this report is to provide an introduction to the technology known as the Advanced Train Control System (ATCS), illustrate its functions and potential benefits in freight railroad applications, and provide a guide to quantifying the benefits and costs for railroads interested in evaluating the applicability of ATCS to their operations. ATCS is often considered to be a train control system. In fact, it has the capability to perform many different functions. It is useful to think of ATCS as a wo-story house. The heart of ATCS is the digital data link providing communication between central dispatch offices, locomotives, other track vehicles and wayside devices. It enables the "business applications", which include work order reporting and locomotive health monitoring, in the first story of the house. To add safety and train control, two additional elements are required: a central safety software package, and real-time vehicle location capability.