Technical Reports

A Communication-Link Approach to Actuation of Grade-Crossing Motorist-Warning Systems

  • 01
  • Jul
  • 1975
AUTHOR: John B. Hopkins, Robert Abbott, F. Ross Holmstrom, Edward F. White, A. Timothy Newfell
SUBJECT: Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Warning Systems
KEYWORDS: Grade-Crossing Warning Systems, Railraod-Highway Grade Crossings, Telemetry Systems
ABSTRACT: Previous studies indicate that one promising avenue to grade-crossing motorist-warning systems, offering lower cost and independent of railroad-track circuits, is use of a radio-communication link for signal activation. By this means, the presence of a train approaching a crossing can be communicated to the crossing from an appropriate distance. This study describes analysis, development, and test activities carried out at the Transportation Systems Center to determine the basic feasibility and practicality of a microwave realization of this approach. A brief review of the conceptual framework is followed by detailed discussion of field-test procedures and results, with special attention then given to train detectors, microwave-propagation aspects, use of solar power, and radar train detection.
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