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Positive Train Control for Heavy Haul Operations

  • 23
  • Jul
  • 2015
AUTHOR: William J. Moore Ede, Alan L. Plivka
SUBJECT: Positive Train Control
KEYWORDS: Train Control, Positive Train Control
ABSTRACT: Positive Train Control offers many safety and operational features that are designed to significantly enhance system reliability and network efficiency for heavy haul rail operations. PTC is intended to provide incremental improvements in train control through a modular design. A manual block system may be enhanced progressively by replacing voice and written authorities with data transmission and authorities displayed in the cab, then adding power switch control and later adding enforcement, for example. Thus, if the goal of a heavy haul operator is to improve the performance and reliability of the operation, PTC offers a way of achieving it. This paper describes the principles underlying PTC, compares PTC with conventional train control systems, discusses the expected benefits of PTC, and explains how the architecture will permit incremental levels of train control. This paper focuses in particular on the PTC system being developed by the North American Joint Positive Train Control (NAJPTC) project.
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