Technical Reports

Longitudinal Forces in Railroad Track

  • 01
  • Jan
  • 1967
AUTHOR: A. Ya Kogan, M. Yanowitch
SUBJECT: Continuous Welded Rail
KEYWORDS: Longitudinal Forces, Displacements, Continuous Welded Rail, Track Stability, Force-Displacement Diagrams, Track, Thermal Forces
ABSTRACT: This work is devoted to the theory of design computations for track subjected to thermal and creep forces. The theory of longitudinal forces and displacements arising in continuous welded rail (CWR) track due to temperature changes is mathematically developed. A description of results of experimental investigations of the operation of CWR track is given, with the subsequent determination of parameters and functions which characterize the behavior of the track under the influence of temperature changes. Results of investigations of longitudinal forces in CWR track resulting from moving trains are presented. The work contains an investigation of railroad track stability. The problem is solved in a nonlinear formulation, under assumption that the trail is subjected to passive loads without any restrictions on the dependence of these quantities on the corresponding displacements. The report is illustrated by the construction of longitudinal force-displacement diagrams, which facilitate practical application of the formulas presented for analysis of the operation of CWR track and of long rails.