Technical Reports

A Methodology for Evaluating the Maintenance of High Speed Passenger Train Trucks

  • 01
  • Dec
  • 1978
AUTHOR: Allan I. Krauter, Richard L. Smith
KEYWORDS: Simulation Cost Model, Life Cycle Costs, Maintenance Costs, Maintenance, High Speed Passenger Train Trucks, Passenger Train Trucks, Train Trucks
ABSTRACT: This report describes the application of a methodology, the simulation cost model (SCM), to the economic aspects of maintaining high speed passenger train trucks. The methodology provides a description of truck maintenances, gives the annual costs for this maintenance, and allows sensitivity analyses and time projections to be made. The report first reviews and classifies present and near-term trucks for consideration by the methodology. The SCM methodology is then presented and described. It is applied to two trucks--the truck of the Metroliner (powered) and that of the Amcoaches (unpowered). These applications are used to indicate data requirements, to present the type of results obtainable from the technique, and to show how the results can be used. The relationship between the SCM and truck specifications is explored.