Technical Reports

Analytic Studies of the Effects of Track Geometry Variation

  • 01
  • Jul
  • 1985
AUTHOR: F.B. Blader, G.L. Mealy
SUBJECT: Safety Performance Measures
KEYWORDS: Computer Simulation, Mathematical Dynamic Curving, Hunting, Wheel/Rail Forces, Profiles, Derailment, Track Geometry, Track Safety Standards
ABSTRACT: In this report, analyses are described which were used to aid in the planning of tests carried out on track in Bennington, New Hampshire in August 1982. These tests were designed to provide insight into practical aspects of track safety standards. General results for a fully loaded 100-ton hopper car are used to support the validation of the computer simulation program SIMCAR. In addition, particular results are given for the partially loaded 100-ton car. Extensions beyond existing data are given for a response to combined cross level and gage cusps and long wavelength alignment sinusoids in tight curves. Conclusions are reached on the limit to geometries beyond which derailment is predicted.