Technical Reports

Peacekeeper Rail Garrison Test of Engineering Model Maintenance Car

  • 01
  • Oct
  • 1991
AUTHOR: D. BiBrito, B. Whitsitt
SUBJECT: Facilities & Test Equipment
ABSTRACT: Tests were performed on the Peacekeeper Rail Garrison Maintenance Car {MC), according to specifications in Chapter XI of the AAR's, Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices. The unloaded MC was subjected to limited service worthiness testing. The tests, performed on the loaded MC, included vehicle characterization and track worthiness. These tests address vehicle safety performance for freight equipment. The primary measurement of safety as described in Chapter XI is the ratio of lateral to vertical wheel force (L/V ratio). No examination of ride comfort is addressed.The MC performance in the Spiral Negotiation Test resulted in wheel unloading in the bunched spiral. The car body and trucks were unable to twist sufficiently to conform to the changing superelevation in the spiral. The MC also exceeded Chapter XI guidelines in the Dynamic Curving Test. The MC nearly exceeded Chapter XI guidelines in the Yaw and Sway Test with the perturbations at an amplitude of 1.0 inch rather than the specified 1.25 inches. It would most likely exceed Chapter XI guidelines if tested over 1.25-inch perturbations. The MC performed satisfactorily in the Pitch and Bounce Test, the Twist and Roll Test, and the Turnout and Crossover Test. The MC also negotiated 7.5- and 12-degree curves within Chapter XI guidelines. The unloaded MC showed no signs of lateral instability during the Hunting Test. No suspension separation, wheel lift, or permanent deformation of the car body was seen during the Curve Stability Test which was perform on the unloaded MC.
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