Technical Reports

Concessions in Transport

  • 01
  • Nov
  • 1996
AUTHOR: L. Nicola Shaw, Kenneth M. Gwilliam, Louis S. Thompson
SUBJECT: Rail and Infrastructure Integrity
KEYWORDS: Transport Infrastructure, Concession Structure,
ABSTRACT: This paper considers world wide experience with a restricted range of the spectrum of options for private participation in the supply of transport infrastructure and services. One major concern in selecting an appropriate structure for private participation is shown to be the importance of securing effective competition, which is affected by the initial structure of the sector concerned. Another is the selection of the concession structure. There are a wide range of elements to consider, such as size, duration, service specification, tariff authority, etc., and the combination is critical in allocating risk between private and public sectors, and hence in determining the effectiveness of the concession arrangement. The fundamentlas of the concession process considered in this paper include prequalification requirements, performance specifications, bid evaluation methods, the treatment of public service obligations and termination arrangements. The role of government in the process in analyzed, with particular emphasis given to means of ensuring that the limited duration of the concession does not produce inefficiencies in operation or interruptions in the continuity of service or investment supply. The study is based on a collation and analysis of a large number of specific transport concession documents and descriptions.
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