Technical Reports

Technical Monograph: Estimating Maintenance Costs for Mixed High Speed Passenger and Freight Rail Corridors

  • 01
  • Aug
  • 2004
AUTHOR: Allan M. Zarembski, Randolph R. Resor, John F. Cikota, Richard U. Cogswell, Donald Plotkin
SUBJECT: Passenger Rail
KEYWORDS: Railroad Corridors, High Speed Maintenance Costs, Transportation Planning, Rail Passenger Service, High-Speed Rail, HIgh Speed Rail Corridors
ABSTRACT: Several states have indicated a desire to upgrade existing railroad corridors between well-populated cities for improved passenger rail service that is time competitive with air and/or auto on a door-to- door basis for trips in the approximate range of 100 to 500 miles. Once a corridor is upgraded for higher-speed operation, this monograph presents a number of matrices of “steady state” infrastructure maintenance costs to meet varying traffic, track and operating conditions. “Steady state” costs are defined here as amounts that must be spent annually to keep a particular railroad track at a defined level of service (operating speed) indefinitely. This monograph presents examples of track segment specific maintenance cost ranges and corresponding maintenance costs per passenger train mile that may be of assistance to States that are contemplating similar rail passenger service projects.