Technical Reports

High Speed Rail & Sustainability

  • 01
  • Nov
  • 2001
AUTHOR: Aurelie Jehano, Derek Palmer, Ceri James
SUBJECT: High-Speed Passenger Rail
KEYWORDS: High Speed Passenger Rail, Transportation System, Pollution, Electrifed Network, Carbon Electricity
ABSTRACT: The transport sector will face many challenges in the future such as demographic development, urbanization, and the scarcity of natural resources, as well as increases in oil and energy prices. Meanwhile, the increase in travel demand could lead to overcrowded airports, delayed flights, and congested roads. The urge to fight these challenges is therefore pushing economies toward more efficient, and sustainable, solutions. Rail, and particularly High Speed Rail, is an important means to meeting these challenges and contribute to sustainable mobility development. HSR offers tangible advantages over other transport modes such as air, conventional rail and the car for medium to long distance journeys. Considering the evaluation of the complete life cycle it is in terms of sustainability the most efficient mode of transport. At the same time it combines many of the attributes that we most desire while traveling such as speed, reliability, comfort and safety.