Technical Reports

Final Standards, Classification, and Designation of Lines of Class I Railroads in the United States Volume I

  • 19
  • Jan
  • 1977
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Classification, Final Standards, Public Participation
ABSTRACT: The Department has attempted to reconcile or explain apparent inconsistencies with the purpose and goals of the Act. The Final Report hopefully reflects the best judgment of the public and the Federal Government. More importantly, both the public and the Government recognize the report as merely a benchmark in a continuing planning process dedicated to produce an optimum classification and designation process.. The Department provides ample opportunity for continued public participation. Volume I of the Final Report establishes five standards for the classification of the Class I rail system: 1) density, 2) service to major markets, 3) appropriate levels of capacity, 4) national defense, and 5) line potentially subject to abandonment under statutory and ICC procedures.